Eléphant Vert and Janssen PMP Forge Exclusive Partnership to Revolutionize Agriculture with Innovative Biostimulants

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In a significant development, Eléphant Vert (EV) and Janssen PMP have recently entered into a long-term exclusive agreement, marking a collaborative venture between these two agricultural industry leaders. This partnership is poised to impact the agricultural landscape in ten pivotal countries across multiple continents by facilitating the distribution of two top-tier proprietary biostimulants developed by Eléphant Vert.

Janssen PMP, renowned for its expertise in postharvest disease control and quality management products, is diversifying its offerings to encompass preharvest applications. With the inclusion of biostimulants in their portfolio, Janssen PMP is now positioned to influence every stage of a crop’s lifecycle. This move also grants Eléphant Vert the opportunity to showcase its biostimulant expertise in regions where its presence was previously limited.

Geert De Wever, Global Business Unit Director of Janssen PMP, emphasized the importance of sustainable agriculture in the face of global challenges in food production. He noted, “As the world continues to face challenges in fresh food production, we at Janssen PMP, recognize the need of shifting towards more sustainable agriculture. We have been working hard over the past decade, learning from key opinion leaders, and investing in greener technology. This partnership with Eléphant Vert brings us another step closer to a more Sustainable Tomorrow.”

Lionel Legros, International Business Director at Eléphant Vert, expressed enthusiasm for the exclusive partnership, highlighting its role in advancing sustainable solutions and expanding internationally. Legros stated, “Our selection of Janssen PMP as an exclusive partner enhances Eléphant Vert’s commitment to delivering exceptional sustainable solutions. It will help our international expansion in strategic overseas areas and gives access to actors present in the entire food industry value chain. We are proud to see our biostimulant solutions helping crops grow with a stimulation program all along the production cycle.