About us

The BioAgriculture industry is transforming global agriculture. It brings together stakeholders, academia, farmers, startups, established companies, and scientists with a common goal of enhancing agriculture through sustainable, affordable, and effective products.

To strengthen this BioAg community, we need a unified voice and a reliable means of communication. In the past, the industry relied on a few newsletters and publications, lacking a comprehensive and professional source. That’s where GBL comes in.

In 2021, GBL introduced the BioAg World (BAW) Digest, a digital magazine catering to global bioag industry professionals. This publication fills a crucial gap by providing cutting-edge information, thought leadership, and news. It goes beyond being a mere catalog or aggregator, delivering high-value content with thoroughly researched market information, expert views, and market analysis. Around half of our magazine consists of exclusive market information, featuring articles and news prepared by industry experts. Advertisements make up only 15% of the content. Additionally, each issue incorporates insights from our Board of Industry Experts, further enriching the content. We invite you to join us in our mission to unify and connect the global BioAg community. Help us make a difference!

Where It All Began

Launched in September 2021, the BioAg World Digest has rapidly gained momentum and is now in its third year of delivering outstanding results. Our definition of success revolves around providing you with breaking news, scientific insights, regulatory updates, innovation spotlights, upcoming events, and notable milestones. We warmly welcome your contributions to further enrich the Digest’s content!

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the agricultural industry through the power of biotechnology and sustainable practices.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a global agricultural landscape where bioagriculture is the cornerstone of sustainable food production.

Our Values

We embrace sustainability as a core value, recognizing the importance of preserving and nurturing our natural resources.

Message from CEO

Dear Friends,

This issue is dedicated to some of our industry leaders and their viewpoints. You will meet most of them in Rio soon! After much anticipation from around the globe, the fourth annual BioAg World Congress is at last convening in beautiful Rio de Janeiro! This event – put on by the industry, for the industry and headed up by passionate BioAg professionals just like you – is only made possible through the collaboration and participation of our global community.

Roger Tripathi,Editor and Founder of BAW Digest

CEO, Global BioAg Linkages (GBL)