Meristem Crop Performance Group and 3Bar Biologics Collaborate to Enhance Biologicals Delivery Systems

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Meristem Crop Performance Group, based in Columbus, Ohio, has teamed up with 3Bar Biologics to develop advanced delivery systems that promise to significantly boost the effectiveness of a wide range of biological products. This partnership leverages 3Bar’s expertise in packaging design and manufacturing with Meristem’s BIO-CAPSULETM delivery system technology, aimed at expanding Meristem’s biologicals portfolio.
With 3Bar’s capabilities in creating unique packaging and delivery solutions for biological products, Meristem is sure to rapidly expand its presence in the biologicals market. According to Mitch Eviston, the founder and CEO of Meristem Crop Performance, 3Bar’s ability to develop innovative ways to protect and deliver microbes sets them apart in the industry and makes them the ideal partner for swiftly bringing BIO-CAPSULETM to the market.
The initial outcome of this collaboration is the BIO-CAPSULETM Planter Box Delivery System, which is a groundbreaking packaging system designed to transport, safeguard, and dispense various biologicals alongside micronutrients into a seed lubricant blend. Manufactured by 3Bar, this system is set to be commercially launched in the 2023 crop-year as part of Meristem’s REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLETM product evolution.
The central focus of these advancements is ensuring the viability of microbes in biologicals. These new delivery systems are designed to protect the products and make it easier for farmers to enhance crop health, yields, and return on investment. Bruce Caldwell, founder and CEO of 3Bar Biologics, expressed excitement about this partnership, emphasizing the revolutionary potential in using seed lubricants as a delivery method for biologicals at planting.
About Meristem:
Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC, is a rapidly growing crop input company that specializes in sourcing, formulating, licensing, and delivering high-quality crop inputs to farmers at a competitive value. Their focus is on providing efficient channels to bring these inputs to
market and boost farm productivity through innovative biological delivery systems.
About 3Bar:
3Bar Biologics leads the global delivery technology for living microbe products, providing stable, viable, and cost-effective microbe solutions for commercial agriculture through partnerships with innovative companies.