Revolutionizing Agriculture: Elicit Plant’s Cutting-Edge Solutions for Climate Resilience

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Source: Elicit Plant

Elicit Plant has introduced two new products as part of their efforts to address the impact of climate change on agriculture. The announcement was made on International Climate Risk Prevention Day on September 19th. During this event, Elicit Plant convened experts and agro-industrial professionals to discuss climate change challenges in agriculture and potential solutions.

One of their products, called BEST-a, is a dedicated solution for corn cultivation. It will be available in Brazil, Ukraine, and across Europe by the end of this year. The company’s main focus was the launch of their two latest products in Europe.

EliSun-a, designed for sunflower cultivation, is made with natural active ingredient and boosts root growth in plants, allowing them to access more water and produce more fertilized grains with improved grain filling. It will be available for order from their network of distributors and partners throughout Europe starting in December 2023.

EliGrain-a, another new product tailored for straw cereals, offers benefits similar to EliSun-a, including increased root growth, more fertilized grains, improved grain filling, and reduced risk of lodging. EliGrain-a will be available in Europe in 2024, with the first launch for spring barley in France scheduled for December 2023, alongside EliSun-a. The version for winter wheat will be accessible in Europe in approximately 12 to 18 months.

This announcement underscores Elicit Plant’s dedication to providing high-performance solutions that mitigate water stress in field crops on a global scale.