Rovensa Next joins ABIM 2023 to discuss novel biocontrol solutions and regulation

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From 23-25 October, the biocontrol industry’s top companies will reunite in Basel, Switzerland for the industry’s most important congress, the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM). Two companies that for years have been a part of ABIM, known for their disruptive and effective biocontrol solutions, Idai Nature and Oro Agri, will join ABIM this year for the first time as part of Rovensa Next, the global biosolutions business unit of Rovensa Group made up of ten leading biosolutions companies. Rovensa Next joins the congress as a Platinum Sponsor and will participate in the discussions on the latest updates in regulations and science in biocontrol.

Argentina changes technical requirements for registration of bioinputs

The National Health and Agri-food Quality Service (Senasa) in Argentina has introduced new regulations for the registration of biological inputs in the categories of Plant Therapy and Fertilizers, Amendments, Substrates, Conditioners, Protectors, and Raw Materials. These changes apply to producers, importers, exporters, distributors, and sellers of bioinputs, encompassing products for plant protection, microbial inoculants, non-microbial biological fertilizers, stimulants, amendments, substrates, protectors, and conditioners. The decision, justified by the global shift away from agrochemicals toward bioinputs, aims to promote the use of bioinputs in integrated pest management and plant nutrition, with a focus on protecting the environment and human and animal health while ensuring product effectiveness.

REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLE COTTON contains a full collection of microbes and micronutrients safely packaged for convenient deployment at planting. REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLE COTTON’s BIO-CAPSULEs are charged with a newly added, crop-specific strain of Terrasym® for cotton in conjunction with a powerful consortium of 10 bio-fertility and N-fixing microbes that focuses on the nutritional needs and stresses facing cotton. In addition, Meristem’s new Active Carbon Technology™ feeds these aggressive microbes and helps protect the cotton crop during events that bring plant stress. All of these unique offerings are released at planting in conjunction with a micronutrient blend featuring manganese and IONLOCK™ zinc. It’s carried to the seed in an 80/20 talc/graphite seed fluency agent, and each pail treats 20 units of cotton at planting.

In-field research has demonstrated up to 10-times the number of live microbes can be delivered through the planter box when compared to seed treatment or liquid starter. The benefit is fast emergence, a strong stand, and better plant health all season long.

Bionema Group, a prominent biocontrol technology developer and manufacturer specialising in crop protection and plant health management, has unveiled a new biostimulant product in the UK developed for application in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, turf, and amenities.

After a decade of dedicated Research and Development, Bionema Group is proud to introduce RootVita®, a groundbreaking product that harnesses the power of nature to revolutionise plant growth and soil health. RootVita® is a potent blend of biofertilisers, PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria), essential nutrients, prebiotics, and vitamins.

Plants treated with RootVita® exhibit improved resistance to abiotic stress factors such as heat, drought and salt. Additionally, their roots tend to access more nutrients and absorb water more effectively.