AMVAC® and NewLeaf Symbiotics® Extend North American Partnership to Key Global Markets

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American Vanguard® Corporation (NYSE: AVD), through its wholly owned subsidiary AMVAC Chemical Corporation, is pleased to announce the extension of our North American partnership with NewLeaf Symbiotics® of St. Louis. Building on the agreement announced in late 2022, AMVAC and NewLeaf will collaborate to bring innovative biologicals solutions to multiple markets in key locations internationally. The expanded relationship now will include distribution in Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, and China.

The extended relationship will expand and accelerate American Vanguard’s growing GreenSolutions™ biological portfolio internationally and facilitate NewLeaf’s objective of securing wider market penetration of its unique and proprietary PPFM technology. 

AMVAC will leverage its international market access, strong sales teams in Latin America and Ukraine, and its operational expertise relating to our portfolio of GreenSolutions™ biologicals. The international expansion builds upon the 2023 launch of AMVAC’s BioWake™ dual-use biological seed treatment application in the U.S. planter box market. BioWake leverages NewLeaf’s microbial inoculants, along with Low Mu Tech’s DUST soy protein planter lubricant, to provide growers a safer, greener alternative to current talc- and graphite-based seed lubricants.

NewLeaf brings to the partnership its proprietary microbial library, proven research and development capabilities, and current product offering including naturally occurring microbes that deliver a range of benefits to crops throughout the entire growing season. Leading this new class of ag biologicals are NewLeaf’s microbial inoculantswhich can make crops stronger, more resilient, and more tolerant of abiotic stress throughout their life cycle.

Mr. Bob Trogele, COO and Executive Vice President, AMVAC, said, “We have worked with NewLeaf for two years now and continue to see the unique benefits for growers who are increasing yield on soybean and corn, while also providing a meaningful ROI. NewLeaf’s technology, coupled with Low Mu Tech’s soybean-based seed lubricant, will help us extend our BioWake brand internationally.”  

Mr. Brent Smith, President and CEO of NewLeaf Symbiotics, said, “We are excited to build on our relationship with AMVAC in the United States and beyond. We anticipate BioWake™, driven by our PPFM technology, will have great impact on the acre. And we know that NewLeaf and AMVAC will see great future success together by leveraging AMVAC’s market access in Central and South America, Ukraine, and China. We are thrilled with the evolution of our partnership.” 

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About NewLeaf Symbiotics 

NewLeaf Symbiotics is an agricultural biotech leader that is focused on the discovery, development, production and commercialization of products containing beneficial plant microbes. The pioneer and global leader of pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs), its technology outcomes include increased yield potential and sustainability indicators. Headquartered in the Ag Innovation capital of St. Louis, NewLeaf has filed more than 200 patents and patent applications and introduced its first biostimulant products in the United States for corn and soy. For more information, visit .