INTERMAG Cultivates Success: Innovative Products Certified for Organic Farming!

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In a groundbreaking development for the BioAg industry, INTERMAG has achieved a significant milestone by securing certifications for their
innovative products to be used in organic farming. The recognition comes as a testament to INTERMAG’s unwavering commitment to sustainable and eco- friendly solutions, marking a pivotal moment in the intersection of technology and agriculture. With the Dutch FiBL listing, INTERMAG not only opens new doors for farmers embracing organic practices but also establishes itself as a trailblazer in the quest for environmentally conscious farming solutions.
We are pleased to announce that INTERMAG’s innovative products have been certified for use in organic farming. The following fertilisers of the AMINO® ULTRA series for crops: AMINO® ULTRA CEREALS and AMINO® ULTRA HORTI as well as the single micronutrient fertilisers AMINO® ULTRA Cu-24, AMINO® ULTRA Zn-24, AMINO® ULTRA Fe-20 and AMINO® ULTRA Mn-22 have recently been
added to the Dutch FiBL list. Our latest EU microbial biostimulant BACTIM® NUTRI N+ has also been included in the same list.
The AMINO ULTRA® is an inorganic fertiliser based on GCAA technology. Micronutrients are complexed with the simplest and most mobile amino acid, glycine, which ensures faster and more efficient delivery of micronutrients. BACTIM® Nutri N+ is a microbial biostimulant. It contains Azotobacter chroococcum bacteria that fix atmospheric nitrogen, increasing its bioavailability in the soil.
FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture), a leading research institute in organic agriculture, has certified INTERMAG’s innovative products for use in organic farming. This is a significant step forward in promoting organic farming and sustainability.
Organic farming is an important part of sustainable development, which aims not only to produce food, but also to protect natural resources for future generations.
For more information about INTERMAG products, please visit our website: or contact us on tel. +48 32 64 55 904, e-mail: [email protected].
About the company:
INTERMAG is one of the biggest European producers of biostimulants, specialty fertilizers, bioproducts and animal health products, dedicated for use in professional agriculture and animal husbandry. By cooperating with scientific and research institutions and investing in research, we increase the efficiency of agricultural production while taking care of the environment and food safety.