Danish Startup Secures $6.7M to Accelerate Microbe Development for Fertilizers

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Danish agricultural technology firm Bioomix has secured $6.7 million in a funding round led by Westhill Capital, alongside existing backers Pre Seed Ventures and Planetary Impact Ventures. Founded by Morten Østergaard Andersen and Julia Østergaard Andersen, Bioomix originated from research conducted at the University of Southern Denmark and Aarhus University. The company’s concept involves leveraging 3D bioprinting, initially developed for biomedical applications, to harness naturally occurring microbes capable of replacing harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

The products, deemed suitable for organic applications and non-genetically modified, incorporate naturally existing microorganisms cultivated on organic plant-based waste feedstock. Bioomix received initial financial support of €500,000 through the BioInnovation Institute’s Venture Lab program, leading to the development of the microbeTRAP technology. This innovative approach utilizes a biomaterial-induced natural selection process to identify high-performing microbes from the environment, diverging from the conventional method of library screening employed by most microbial industries.

Bioomix contends that its sustainable and cost-effective alternative addresses the environmental impact of agriculture, estimating that in 2021, 200 million tonnes of synthetic fertilizer, four million tonnes of pesticides, and 37% of global climate gas emissions were linked to agricultural and food production. The company positions itself as a supportive force for farmers in transitioning to eco-friendly practices.

The funding round underscores Bioomix’s strong standing, with existing investors expressing a robust follow-on commitment. Anders Kjær, Director of the Deep Tech Fund at Danish PreSeed Ventures, emphasizes the company’s commitment to positive global impact by striving to eliminate pesticides, antibiotics, and synthetic fertilizers from agriculture. The urgency to promote living soils, reduce fertilizer dependency, adapt to climate change, and decrease nitrogen leaching to rivers is highlighted by Managing Partner Thomas Høgenhaven.

David Hollidge, Founding Partner of West Hill Capital, lauds Bioomix’s potential to significantly enhance global food supply with breakthrough technology, benefiting farmers with higher yields and profitability. The raised capital will be allocated to achieve key milestones, including expanding the commercial team, developing new microbial products, increasing production capacity, and expanding internationally.

CEO and Co-founder Morten Andersen expresses enthusiasm about accelerating the development and manufacturing of innovative microbial solutions for sustainable and profitable food production. The company’s overarching mission is to support farmers, enhance agricultural sustainability, reduce environmental impact, combat deforestation, and address global food security challenges. The infusion of capital marks a crucial step toward realizing this mission in an era where such objectives are more critical than ever.