EBIC White Paper Dispels Misconceptions on Seaweed-Based Plant Biostimulants’ Mode of Action

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A common misconception about seaweed-based plant biostimulants is that their effects are due to the presence of plant hormones, when what actually makes them work so well is the biological compounds in the formulation, which elicit natural processes within the plant. In support of this fact, EBIC released a white paper entitled: “Recent insights into the mode of action of seaweed-based plant biostimulants”.

EBIC members have repeatedly reported over the years that some regulatory authorities were challenging their dossiers to place plant biostimulant products containing seaweed extracts on the market because they believed that the product would contain plant hormones, which are regulated as plant protection products in many jurisdictions. To that end, EBIC decided to write a white paper reviewing the science on this topic that our members could reference when facing this misconception. The paper was developed through EBIC’s Expert Network on Seaweed, integrated by representatives of the following companies: Alfarin, Ocean Knowledge, Yara International, Olmix, Arysta LifeScience, Brandon Bioscience, BioAtlantis, Rovensa Next, ICL Group, Acadian Plant Health, Valagro, Ilex EnviroSciences and Daymsa.

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