Loveland Products and Ascribe Team Up to Launch Biofungicides for U.S. Row Crops

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Loveland Products, Inc., an affiliate of Nutrient Ag Solutions, Inc., and Ascribe Bioscience have entered into a joint development agreement and supply agreement. Loveland Products will commercialize two new crop protection products containing Ascribe’s biofungicide, Phytalix. This collaboration is expected to bring Phytalix-based products to the U.S. row crop market under the Loveland Products’ brand in the 2026 growing season.

Phytalix is based on a natural, non-toxic molecule that primes plant defenses and delivers protection against a broad range of crop diseases. The joint development effort between Loveland Products and Ascribe will bring a new set of tools to help farmers prevent, and in some cases overcome the resistance of fungal pathogens to traditional chemistry. During the initial phases of the agreement, Loveland Products performed a multi-crop, multi-year efficacy evaluation of traditional chemistries and Phytalix combinations, demonstrating an increase in performance when Phytalix was present.