Sipcam Nichino Brazil Unveils Fiera Insecticide to Combat Greening

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Sipcam Nichino Brazil has launched Fiera insecticide (buprofezin) as a central element in its new program targeting the control of Diaphorina citri, the insect responsible for the alarming rise of ‘greening’ disease affecting nearly 40% of Brazilian orchards in 2023. The innovative product boasts physiological growth-regulating properties for insects, particularly effective against the psyllid’s nymphs.Agronomist Marcelo Palazim, from the market development department, highlights that Fiera’s active ingredient, buprofezin, acts on contact with the young stages of the psyllid. The company recommends early application of Fiera at the first signs of the insect’s presence in orchards.Sipcam Nichino Brazil’s program also introduces the acaricide Fujimite (fenpyroximate), recently granted regulatory approval for Diaphorina citri control. Successfully employed in citrus farming to combat economically significant pests, Fujimite has demonstrated control rates of 80% to 100% in field evaluations at the Agronomic Institute.The intensification of treatments for Diaphorina citri control, as revealed by a Kynetec Brazil survey, accounted for BRL 271 million, representing 23% of the total pesticide market for this crop. Sales of pest control products surged by 42%, reaching BRL 191 million compared to the previous crop. Fundecitrus data indicates a staggering 56% increase in greening in São Paulo alone, with reported losses of up to BRL 3.5 million on certain farms. Marcelo Palazim underscores the escalating concern over greening, emphasizing the need for citrus growers to rotate products with different active ingredients for effective phytosanitary measures.


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