Syngenta joins the Phytobiomes Alliance

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Syngenta Crop Protection, a global leader in agricultural innovation, has become a sponsor of the International Alliance for Phytobiomes Research, cementing a partnership between the research community and industry that is aimed at advancing both fundamental science and sustainable agriculture.

Phytobiome is a collective term for plants within a specific growing environment, for example soil, and the complex interactions influenced by microbes, nutrients, animals, climate, weather, and management practices. This complex and dynamic ecosystem plays a crucial role in the health and functioning of crops, affecting their growth and overall well-being. For example, beneficial microbes in the phytobiome provide essential aid to plants, such as protection against pathogens and acquisition of nutrients. At the same time, there can also be elements of the phytobiome that cause diseases or stress to the plants, such as pathogenic microbes, high heat, or low water availability.


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