Biobest Group acquires full ownership in Biobest Antalya

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Biobest Group N.V. has successfully acquired the remaining 40% share in Biobest Antalya from Antilsan. This transaction marks the culmination of a longstanding partnership that began as a joint venture in 1998 and evolved into a fully-fledged production and distribution company in 2014. Biobest Antalya, renowned for bumblebee pollination and biological control in Turkey, is poised to leverage the country’s robust horticultural prospects. The acquisition allows both Biobest Group and Antilsan to reinforce their individual business interests.

Biobest Antalya will continue to strengthen its position as Turkey’s leading player in biological control and bumblebee pollination. The collaboration between Biobest and Antilsan, extending over 25 years, has played a pivotal role in achieving this market leadership. While maintaining commercial cooperation, both entities will operate independently in terms of shareholding.

Marc Mertens, Senior Vice-President of Biobest, expresses gratitude to Antilsan for their exceptional collaboration and emphasizes the promising future for Biobest Antalya. Ulaş Yildirim, General Manager of Antilsan, reflects on the positive experience of the collaboration and highlights the potential for Antilsan’s business in fertilizers, biostimulants, and pesticides with this transaction.

Yagiz Süzen, General Manager of Biobest Antalya, affirms the team’s readiness to continue being a reference in biological control and bumblebee pollination for Turkish growers. The focus will be on expanding the biological solutions offering, including biopesticides, to address challenges related to food safety, climate change, and sustainable production. The acquisition positions Biobest Antalya to contribute further to Turkey’s agricultural sustainability.

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