DPH Biologicals: Management-Led Buyout for Ongoing Innovation

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DPH Biologicals, a prominent biological company established in 2018 with a focus on delivering top-notch biologicals to large-scale farms, has officially announced a buyout led by its management team in collaboration with a private investment group.

The company will maintain its presence in the market under the recognizable DPH Biologicals brand, ensuring customers continue to receive the same high-quality products and service they have come to trust.

Boasting decades of collective experience in agricultural sales, marketing, research, product development, and supply chain management, both domestically and internationally, the full management team has played a pivotal role in the company’s rapid expansion. This expansion includes a diversified product portfolio, building on the success of its flagship product -TerraTrove® SP-1®. The DPH Bio management team comprises Mick Messman, Alex Cochran, Chris Feiden, Trey Soud, Brad Holzworth, Roberto Werneck, and Cliff Watrin, with Mario Tenerelli serving as the Latin America advisor.


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