Enhancing Crop Health: Meristem Crop Performance®

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Meristem Crop Performance® has unveiled a cutting-edge formulation, REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLE SUGARBEET, designed to benefit sugar beet growers by promoting robust plant growth and early-season N-fixation. This best-in-class solution treats 80 acres of sugar beet seed per five-pound pail, incorporating a base of iron, manganese, and IONLOCK™ Zinc in an 80/20 talc/graphite seed fluency agent.

The pail contains four unique BIO-CAPSULES activated at planting, each catering to the specific needs of sugar beets:

  1. Terrasym 401: A nitrogen-fixing bacillus forming a season-long partnership with the crop for comprehensive benefits.
  2. Microbial 9 Pack: A biological consortia with nitrogen-fixing Azotobacter species and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria for a healthy start.
  3. Active Carbon: A naturally occurring mixture boosting germination, root growth, and microbial community vitality.
  4. Inceptive® Biological Nematicide: An EPA-registered seed treatment suppressing nematode egg production and enhancing plant defenses.

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