FA Bio’s €6.1M Sustainability Boost

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FA Bio’s €6.1M Sustainability has received funding  from a mix of new and existing private investors, along with support from three European venture capital institutions. Leading the investment are Clean Growth firm, a prominent clean-tech VC fund in the UK, and Pymwymic, an impact VC firm from the Netherlands specializing in food and agriculture technology. Ship2B Ventures, a Spanish impact venture capital fund focused on early-stage businesses addressing social and environmental concerns. Also, it has also contributed to the funding round. This investment underscores the growing interest and financial support from venture capital funds worldwide for the biotech industry. Situated at the prestigious Rothamsted Research Centre in Harpenden, FA Bio (formerly FungiAlert) is dedicated to advancing the discovery and development of improved microbial bioproducts. The company’s leadership is comprised of Drs. Kerry O’Donnelly Weaver and Angela de Manzanos Guinot. FA Bio’s €6.1M Sustainability focuses on biocontrols, biostimulants, and biofertilizers as eco-friendly alternatives to traditional chemical agricultural inputs.

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