GreenLight Bio’s Calantha: A Game-Changing Bioinsecticide to Tackle Agricultural Challenges

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GreenLight Biosciences, also known as GreenLight Bio, has achieved registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and various states for its groundbreaking CalanthaTM product. This innovative bioinsecticide, based on RNA, targets and controls the highly destructive Colorado potato beetle, marking a historic advancement in providing diverse options for farmers and reducing dependence on conventional chemical pesticides with potential environmental and health risks. Following approvals from the EPA and relevant states, the company has successfully completed the sale and shipment of its inaugural order.

Calantha presents growers with a cost-effective solution to address the escalating issue of chemical pesticide resistance, which is estimated to cost the U.S. agricultural sector a minimum of $10 billion annually. Rapid resistance development in the Colorado potato beetle poses a significant threat to plants in the nightshade family, including potatoes, resulting in over half a billion dollars in global crop losses each year. As global regulatory bodies increasingly restrict the use of certain chemical pesticides, Calantha emerges as a safe, effective, and user-friendly alternative for farmers.

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