Groundbreaking Advancements in Agriculture: HGS BioScience

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HGS BioScience, a trailblazer in soil health and sustainability, unveils a triumvirate of cutting-edge products poised to redefine agricultural practices. The introduction of HumiK ONE™, HumiK Bio™, and HumiK Zinc marks a significant advancement in the application of humates to soil, with each product offering unparalleled efficacy and convenience. Spearheaded by Mike Steffeck, CEO of HGS BioScience, HumiK ONE takes the spotlight as a revolutionary granule, boasting a low-dust formulation that simplifies handling and enhances blending capabilities with various dry fertilizers. As a cornerstone for dry delivery, HumiK ONE is designed for versatility, allowing seamless co-formulation with biologicals, nutrients, and extracts to meet the diverse needs of growers. The launch underscores HGS BioScience’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a resilient future for agriculture.

Press Release

HGS BioScience, a pioneering force in soil health and sustainability, announces the launch of three new innovations, HumiK ONE™, HumiK Bio™, and HumiK Zinc. These groundbreaking products represent a significant leap in the application of humates to soil, offering unprecedented effectiveness and convenience.

Mike Steffeck, CEO of HGS BioScience, heralds HumiK One as “the most effective and convenient way to deliver humates to the soil.” Building on the success of HumiK WSG™, HumiK ONE introduces a novel low dust formulation, making it remarkably easy to handle and enhancing its blending capabilities with all dry fertilizers, including urea.

HumiK ONE stands out as the singular granule for dry delivery, positioning itself as the foundational product in soil health. It is specially designed to be co-formulated with an array of biologicals, including microbials and extracts, as well as nutrients like zinc and sulfur. This versatility allows for the creation of tailored solutions that precisely meet growers’ diverse needs.

Steffeck emphasizes, “HumiK ONE embodies our dedication to providing solutions that are not only effective, but also sustainable and easy to use.”

The launch of HumiK ONE is a testament to HGS BioScience’s ongoing innovation and leadership in the agricultural industry. It underscores the company’s commitment to developing products that bolster soil health, enhance crop yields, and contribute to a more sustainable farming future.

Building on HumiK ONE

HGS BioScience is also excited to unveil HumiK Bio and HumiK Zinc. These two products represent HGS’s commitment to utilize our extracted granule technology to launch easy-to-use, high-performing biological and nutritional products.

HumiK Bio combines the benefits of HumiK ONE with sea plant extracts and microbes that enable plants to defend against environmental stresses and produce higher yields while also adding soil health benefits.

HumiK Zinc adds the nutritional benefits of zinc to the versatility of HumiK ONE creating a single convenient soil health plus micronutrient solution.

“These new launches demonstrate our unwavering focus on innovation and commitment to releasing novel solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the agricultural market,” Steffeck says.

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