Innovative Investments in Agriculture: Crop Life Europe’s €4 Billion Commitment to Biopesticides and Precision Technologies

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As part of its 2030 commitments, CropLife Europe has disclosed an investment of nearly €4 billion in biopesticides, digital technologies, and precision agriculture. This substantial investment has surpassed the capacity of the European regulatory framework to promptly approve these innovations.

In addressing the need for innovative tools to safeguard crops from pests and diseases, Director General of CropLife Europe, Olivier de Matos, emphasized the challenges faced by the industry. He highlighted that novel solutions are either stuck in the regulatory pipeline or lack dedicated pathways for approval. The lengthy approval process, with some biopesticides taking up to seven years for European farmer use, raises concerns as these solutions may only reach the market around the Farm to Fork deadline.

Biopesticides play a crucial role in the integrated crop protection solutions available to farmers. Although they may not serve as direct replacements for all conventional products, they necessitate a regulatory framework that supports and incentivizes innovation.

Discussing the significance of innovation in precision and digital technologies for farmers to align with the objectives of the Green Deal, de Matos emphasized the transformative potential. Investing in these technologies empowers farmers to engage in more sustainable practices, potentially reducing pesticide use by 20-30% and the treated land area by 50-80%.

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