Molepse BioResources – Pioneering novel organic pesticides for grain farmers

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The Kenyan start-up Molepse BioResources has developed two products, one for small-scale and one for large-scale grain farmers, to protect their harvest from weevil attacks.
Based on innovative nanotechnology, the products are ecologically friendly, natural, affordable and safe for human consumption, contributing to sustainable food production and minimizing hunger. For these reasons, Molepse BioResources won the ISC3 Best Regional Impact Award 2023 and has been chosen as the ISC3 Start-up of the Month for January 2024.
What exactly are Molepse’s products and what are the advantages in regard to sustainability? Dudukit and Dudumit are both grain storage protection products, the former aiming at small scale farmers and the latter being developed for large scale farming. Both products consist of essential oils extracted from naturally growing herbs and shrubs. In addition, the production process is not energy intensive, making it even more environmentally friendly.  Compared to other products on the market, the products are 50% cheaper.
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