Breaking News: Koppert Secures €140 Million Strategic Investment from HAL Investments to Propel Global Growth

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We are thrilled to share groundbreaking news from the agricultural and horticultural industry: Koppert, a leading provider of sustainable solutions, has secured a strategic investment of €140 million in preferred share capital from HAL Investments. This significant investment will be instrumental in accelerating Koppert’s global expansion and fostering innovation in the field of biological pest control, pollination, disease management, and plant health.

René Koppert, CEO of Koppert, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the shared vision of driving positive change. With HAL’s long-term commitment and financial support, Koppert is poised to accelerate research and development initiatives, bringing cutting-edge agricultural innovations to the forefront. Together, they’re not just investing in a company – they’re investing in a greener, more prosperous future for agriculture and beyond.

Read the full media release below