Corteva Agriscience Launches Corteva Biologicals: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Farming

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Celebrating the one-year milestone since the successful acquisition of Stoller and Symborg, Corteva Agriscience proudly unveils Corteva Biologicals, an innovative portfolio of solutions designed to empower farmers in navigating dynamic market landscapes and evolving agricultural challenges.

Through these strategic acquisitions, Corteva has solidified its position as a global leader in the biologicals sector, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to equipping farmers with cutting-edge tools for sustainable and integrated farming practices.

Corteva Biologicals offer farmers a diverse array of novel solutions aimed at enhancing crop interactions with their environment, fostering more efficient utilization of nutrients and inputs, and enhancing natural processes within plants. Engineered to deliver consistent and reliable performance, these solutions can be seamlessly integrated with traditional crop protection products to optimize overall plant health. Moreover, where approved, they can also be utilized independently, catering to the needs of organic farming practices.


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