Koppert’s Mirical Wins Top Prize for Sustainable Innovation in Fruit Logistica Award

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Koppert’s groundbreaking release system for Mirical, its biological solution, clinched the top honor at the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award Technology. The award, bestowed in Berlin on February 9 by Messe Berlin GmbH and Fruitnet Media International, recognizes exceptional innovations across the fruit and vegetable supply chain. Tim Bossinga, Koppert’s product manager, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and credited the multidisciplinary team for their consistent achievements.

The innovative change involves transitioning from plastic bottles to specially designed corrugated cardboard strips as packaging for Mirical beneficial bugs. This sustainable release system provides a natural habitat for the bugs, enhancing efficiency and ease of use. The compostable cardboard strips offer a protective shelter for predatory bugs during transportation, minimizing clumping and improving bug distribution in crops. The Mirical strips, hung over plant stalks, prove labor-saving, enhance dosing accuracy, and facilitate monitoring.

Mirical, a generalist predator, targets greenhouse whitefly, tobacco whitefly, eggs, caterpillars of tomato leaf miner moth, two-spotted spider mites, and leaf miner larvae. Lauded by growers since its launch in France, Mirical has demonstrated improved performance and ease of use, with reports of a 50% reduction in application time by some growers.

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