MustGrow Biologics Corp. Achieves Certification Milestones for TerraSanteTM in Oregon’s Organic Agriculture Market

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MustGrow Biologics Corp. is excited to share  the news of receiving The State of Oregon Agriculture Fertilizer Registration Certificate for TerraSanteTM, its organic biofertility product derived from mustard plants. The recently obtained USDA National Organic Program’s organic compliance certification (OMRI Listed®) for TerraSanteTM will be applicable to product sales in Oregon.

Sales of TerraSanteTM can now commence in Oregon, with a strategic sales and marketing plan already in progress in collaboration with BioAg Product Strategies for the upcoming 2024 planting season. Following the successful registration in Washington State, the company is actively working on obtaining further state-level registrations in key U.S. states.

In 2021, Oregon’s agriculture sector contributed significantly to the state’s economy, recording $5.0 billion USD in production on 16 million acres of farmland. Agriculture in Oregon generated 13% of the state’s gross product and $30 billion USD in wages. The state’s farmers are recognized for their innovation in sustainable agriculture, with a growing emphasis on organic and sustainable practices. MustGrow anticipates that its organic TerraSanteTM product will enable Oregon farmers to meet the rising demand for organic, local, and healthy produce.

This organic biofertility product is a valuable addition to MustGrow’s existing portfolio, complementing biocontrol programs in preplant soil fumigation, postharvest food preservation, and bioherbicide. These programs are in collaboration with global partners such as Bayer, Sumitomo Corporation, Janssen PMP, and NexusBioAg, achieving milestones and expanding globally in both performance and investment.


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