Vestaron Corporation’s Breakthrough: Emergency Authorization for Novel Bioinsecticide in Greece

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In a significant development, Vestaron Corporation has been granted Article 53 Emergency Authorization by the Greek Ministry of Agriculture. This authorization enables Vestaron to offer farmers in Greece access to their groundbreaking bioinsecticide, SPEAR® LEP, designed to combat devastating infestations of the tomato leafminer (Tuta absoluta).

SPEAR® LEP: A Peptide-Based Solution

SPEAR® LEP, a peptide-based insecticide, specifically targets lepidopteran insects, including the notorious tomato leafminer. This pest has been responsible for substantial yield losses in Europe, reaching up to $380,000 per hectare.

Minimal Impact on Beneficials, Pollinators, and People

One of the distinguishing features of SPEAR® LEP is its minimal impact on beneficial insects, pollinators, and human health. This characteristic sets it apart in the realm of pest control, aligning with the increasing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural practices.

Commercial Milestone for Vestaron

This emergency use authorization in Greece marks a pivotal commercial milestone for Vestaron. It not only opens up access to a novel bioinsecticide but also sets the stage for the company’s inaugural sales in the European market.

Addressing Yield Losses with Efficacy

Experimental studies conducted in Greece and other European countries have showcased the efficacy of SPEAR® LEP. Its effectiveness extends to both open-field and protected conditions, providing a versatile solution. Importantly, it has demonstrated efficacy even in populations that may exhibit resistance to other commonly used insecticides.

A New Tool for Growers

As access to effective crop protection products becomes increasingly limited in Europe, SPEAR® LEP emerges as a valuable addition to growers’ toolboxes. Its proven efficacy and environmentally friendly profile make it a promising solution for addressing pest challenges and protecting crop yields.

In summary, Vestaron Corporation’s emergency authorization for SPEAR® LEP in Greece signifies a groundbreaking step in sustainable pest control, offering a solution that not only tackles yield-threatening pests but also aligns with the imperative of minimizing environmental impact.