Biotalys and Novonesis Revolutionize Crop Protection with EVOCA NG Collaboration

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Ghent, BELGIUM – Biotalys (Euronext – BTLS) and Novonesis have joined forces to introduce a game-changing solution to the world of agriculture. Through their collaborative efforts, they unveil EVOCA NG, a revolutionary biofungicide set to transform crop protection practices globally. This landmark partnership between Biotalys, a pioneer in protein-based biocontrol solutions, and Novonesis, a renowned leader in biosolutions, signals a new era of innovation and sustainability in agriculture.

EVOCA NG represents a significant leap forward in crop protection technology, leveraging Biotalys’ cutting-edge AGROBODY platform. With its optimized production process and formulation, EVOCA NG offers fruit and vegetable growers an effective tool to combat pervasive fungal diseases such as Botrytis and powdery mildew. By harnessing the expertise of both companies, this collaboration aims to address critical challenges in agriculture while advancing the principles of environmental sustainability.

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