Successful Farming Highlights Meristem’s Launch of EPA-Approved METALAXYL ST with Bio-Capsule at Commodity Classic

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Meristem’s introduction of EPA-approved METALAXYL ST via the Bio-Capsule garnered attention from Successful Farming (SF) as one of seven notable new products unveiled at this year’s Commodity Classic in Houston, Texas.

In an article by SF reporter Noah Rohlfing, the event was praised for its array of new products, with over 15 companies presenting from the Successful Farming Main Stage. Rohlfing highlighted METALAXYL ST’s efficacy in controlling various species of pythium and phytophthora fungi. Meristem intends to employ its patented Bio-Capsule Technology to combine METALAXYL with a forthcoming biocontrol called Prephyte ST, which is awaiting EPA approval.

Chris Thrasher, Meristem’s director of innovation and product management, emphasized the significance of the launch, citing challenges in preserving biologicals during conventional treating processes. With the Bio-Capsule, Thrasher noted the ability to utilize both fungicide and biocontrol simultaneously to combat prevalent soil-borne diseases in soybeans and seedlings.

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