IdeeLab Joins the Ginkgo Technology Network to Provide Agriculture Companies in Brazil with End-to-End Product Development & Manufacturing Service

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IdeeLab Biotechnology, a Brazilian company focused on agricultural innovations, has partnered with Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA) to join the Ginkgo Technology Network. This collaboration aims to enhance R&D outcomes in biological solutions for agriculture.

The Ginkgo Technology Network, a global ecosystem of technology partners, aims to drive innovation in customer R&D programs. IdeeLab’s expertise in sustainable agriculture, including the development of GMO-derived ag input metabolites and proteins, aligns well with Ginkgo’s cell engineering capabilities.

Through this partnership, IdeeLab and Ginkgo will offer end-to-end solutions for customers in Brazil, including metabolite and microbial discovery, fermentation scale-up, registration, field trials, and manufacturing. This integrated approach will enable the development of next-generation biocontrol products for agriculture.

Ronaldo José Durigan Dalio, CEO of IdeeLab, highlighted that this partnership will accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions to the Brazilian market. Anna Marie Wagner, Ginkgo’s SVP, emphasized the comprehensive capabilities now available to deliver advanced agricultural biological products, particularly those based on proteins, peptides, and metabolites.


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