Bee Vectoring Technologies Reports Significant Progress in CR-7 Seed Treatment Development for Agriculture Marketplace

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Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. announced significant research and development advancements for its proprietary biological control agent, Clonostachys rosea strain CR-7 (CR-7), used as a seed treatment solution for soybeans. This breakthrough underscores the product’s compatibility and safety on seeds, propelling it toward commercialisation in the agriculture sector.
The seed treatment market is a significant new revenue opportunity for the Company. BVT could reap substantial annual royalties from this application through a future licensing agreement.
Research highlights include:
  • Extended Viability: CR-7 demonstrates a long shelf life once coated on soybean seeds. This is a crucial metric for seed treatments since seeds may not be planted 6-12 months post-treatment, thus giving BVT sales partners a strong value proposition and a robust product—this shelf-life study is ongoing.
  • Compatibility with other seed treatments: Testing confirms CR-7’s compatibility with other seed treatment products, including biologicals and chemical pesticides, ensuring it fits seamlessly into existing agricultural practices where multiple products are applied to the seed simultaneously.
  • Proven Safety: Extensive safety tests show that CR-7 does not harm soybean plant germination or growth, maintaining plant health from seed through maturity.
Additional observations from BVT’s R&D team included:
  • No observation of negative interactions between CR-7 and other microbes.
  • CR-7 demonstrated significant compatibility with a number of major and commonly used fungicides.
  • After nine months, CR-7 remains detectable in seedlings, demonstrating that it stays dormant until activated by a live host. This underscores its robust and enduring shelf life.

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