Cyprus becomes the third European country to issue emergency use authorization for Vestaron peptide-based bioinsecticide for control of tomato leafminer

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Cyprus has become the third country in the European Union to grant farmers emergency access to Vestaron’s innovative bioinsecticide, SPEAR® LEP, to combat the destructive impact of tomato leafminer (Tuta absoluta) infestations — a menace known for causing substantial yield and economic losses for farmers across the Mediterranean region of Europe.
The Republic of Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and the Environment has authorized the emergency use of SPEAR LEP to provide growers in Cyprus with a new and potent tool to effectively manage tomato leafminer infestations. This authorization allows its use on tomatoes from May 2 to August 29, aligning with critical periods of pest activity in the region. In addition to tomato leafminer, SPEAR LEP targets other lepidopteran pests, including navel orangeworm, European grapevine moth, codling moth, loopers, and caterpillars. Notably, it is well-suited for integrated pest management strategies due to its unique mode of action, offering low toxicity to mammals, vertebrates, beneficial insects, and pollinators including bees. Cyprus joins Italy and Greece in granting emergency use authorization for SPEAR LEP, showcasing the growing recognition of its efficacy and environmental benefits.
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