Essential oils help to control fungi that attack mangoes post-harvest

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Scientists from Embrapa and the State University of Campinas (Encamp) have recorded antifungal activities of seven essential oils against four fungi that cause post-harvest diseases in mangoes. The study also identified the minimum inhibitory concentration of the four most efficient ones and the chemical composition of each of them. The findings showed that oregano, pepper-rosmarin (also known as rosemary pepper), cinnamon bark and clove basil esssential oils inhibited 100% of the growth of the pathogens under study.
Despite having a complex composition, essential oils have been widely studied for their effectiveness against microorganisms. The results of the study showed that the action varies according to the pathogen.
The minimum inhibitory concentration varied according to the oil and target fungus. Oregano stood out for its inhibitory effect on the pathogensC. siamense, L. theobromae and B. dothidea, demonstrating excellent antifungal activity at the lowest concentration tested. Meanwhile A. alternata was more sensitive to cinnamon bark essential oil than to oregano.
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