An Interview with Carlos Ledó, Founder and CEO of Veganic Nature

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Carlos Ledó, Founder and CEO of Veganic Nature 

Carlos is an agricultural engineer from the UPV and was recognised in 2016 as its First Outstanding Alumni. He has dedicated his professional career to food and population security through innovation in a sector as traditional and immobile as agriculture. Concerned about the environment and the sustainability of the planet, he invests his time and resources in research to try to leave a better world for the next generations. 

An agronomist with a passion for food safety, he founded Idai Nature in 2009 as a family business. In 2017, Carlos received the Best National Entrepreneur Award for his work with Idai Nature. Recently, after the acquisition of Idai Nature Carlos launched Veganic Nature, which he considers his most significant project and legacy in the agricultural sector. He is a humble person, who highlights the importance of values as a fundamental pillar in his life, a model that he has extrapolated to his company creating a team with principles and ethics above professional skills. 

1. You recently started Veganic Nature, what motivated you to start the company?

Starting Veganic Nature was a natural progression of my passion for sustainable agriculture and the pressing need to address the challenges of innovation in the sector. I recognized a gap in the market for truly sustainable and effective biosolutions that not only enhance crop quality and yield but also restore and protect the environment. We began Veganic Nature by bringing together a team of experts in agronomy, biology, and environmental science. Our experts have 25+ years of experience in biocontrol and are focused on developing products that are both vegan and organic. Our journey started with extensive research and development, forming partnerships with key stakeholders in the agricultural sector, and a commitment to lead the sustainability revolution. 

  1. Could you elaborate on Veganic Nature’s mission and focus?

Veganic Nature’s mission is to revolutionize agriculture by providing innovative, sustainable, and effective solutions that promote healthy and high-quality crops while preserving the environment. Our focus is on creating bio-based agricultural products that reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, thus minimizing the environmental footprint of farming. We are dedicated to enhancing soil health, improving crop resilience, and ultimately contributing to food security. Our core values are sustainability, innovation, and integrity, and we strive to embed these values in everything we do. 

  1. Innovation is crucial to drive BioAg sector. What strategies do you use to foster innovation within your team?

Fostering innovation within Veganic Nature involves a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, we cultivate a culture of curiosity and continuous learning. Our team is encouraged to explore new ideas, stay updated with the latest research, and think outside the box. We also invest heavily in R&D collaborations, providing the market with continuous value-added products for the problems of today and the future. In this sense, we strongly believe collaboration is key, so we maintain strong partnerships with academic institutions, industry experts, and farmers. Regular brainstorming sessions, workshops, and open forums for idea exchange are part of our routine to ensure that innovative thinking is always at the forefront of our operations. 

  1. What do you think will be the next big innovation to revolutionize BioAg? How is Veganic Nature contributing to it?

The next big innovation in BioAg is likely to be the widespread adoption of biostimulants and biocontrol solutions that are tailored to specific crops and local conditions. Precision agriculture, powered by AI and machine learning, will also play a crucial role in optimizing the use of these natural-based and high-tech products. Veganic Nature is at the forefront of this revolution by developing a range of biosolutions that are not only highly effective as well as customizable. We are also investing in innovative technologies that allow farmers to apply our products in the most efficient manner, thereby maximizing their benefits while minimizing waste and environmental impact. 

  1. What legacy do you hope to build as the CEO of Veganic Nature?

As the CEO and Founder of Veganic Nature, I hope to build a legacy of innovation, sustainability, and positive impact on the agricultural sector. I envision Veganic Nature as a pioneer in the BioAg industry, setting new standards for sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship. I aim to leave behind a company that not only thrives commercially but also contributes significantly to solving global agricultural challenges, such as food security and climate change while focusing on people as our most valuable activities. Ultimately, I hope Veganic Nature will be remembered for its commitment to making agriculture more sustainable and fostering a healthier planet for future generations.