BAW Congress 2024: Bringing the BioAg Industry Together

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The BioAgTech World Congress 2024 was organized by Global BioAg Linkages (GBL) at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, North Carolina from April 22-26, 2024, to bring all BioAg stakeholders onto one platform to discuss the most burning topics and challenges.  BAW Congress 2024 was the fourth congress in a series of annually organized events by GBL.

The Congress was planned, organized and managed by passionate BioAg professionals who have dedicated their lives to agriculture. The event also brainstorms innovations and opportunities in the sector to create a blueprint to grow the industry. The title of BAW Congress was upgraded from BioAg World Congress to BioAgTech World Congress to recognize the importance of technology in agriculture and the way it is revolutionizing the BioAg industry. This also acknowledges the fact that it is impossible to have sustainable agriculture without the application of AgTech  and precision Ag to increase efficiency and cost effectiveness.

BAW Congress is a non-static event and moves across continents each year to give regional focus to this global event. North Carolina was the perfect choice for the 2024 edition as agricultural traditions and 21st century science meet here to create unmatched research and business opportunities.

The state houses 195+ AgTtch companies, two land grant universities, and 18 research stations plus it has a US$92.9 billion agricultural economy. BAW Congress 2024 was organized in cooperation with North Carolina State University N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative and North Carolina Biotechnology Center and Research Triangle Regional Partnership as the Regional Economic Development Sponsor.

BAW Congress 2024 kicked off with a friendly game of golf at the picturesque Lonnie Poole Golf Course which provided attendees with the perfect opportunity to get to know one another and start building lasting relationships and friendships. Day two of Congress began with a field visit to NC State’s N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative, where participants were exposed to new technological innovations, research and trials ongoing in the state.

The Opening Expo Ceremony marked the official start and featured a vibrant display of exhibits, interactive booths, and the latest innovations from industry leaders. Participants had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies, engage with experts, and participate in live demonstrations, setting the stage for information rich sessions and discussions.

BAW Congress is a wholistic BioAg industry event that includes all segments of sustainable smart farming, biofertilizers, biostimulants, biopesticides and all related technologies such as precision ag tech.

The agenda for the 2024 BAW Congress was designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging experience for all attendees spread over three days. The impressive lineup of nine dynamic sessions addressed the most pressing issues and innovative trends in the industry. These sessions covered a wide range of topics, including cutting-edge innovations, sustainable practices, BioAg regulatory, efficiency management and role of technology in BioAg.

Expert speakers and panelists from various sectors shared their insights and experiences, fostering rich discussions and knowledge exchange. BioAg industry pioneers like Steve Troxler, AG Kawamura, Antonio Zem, Terry Stone, Jennifer Lewis, Luca Bonini, Carlos Ledó, Pam Marrone, and many more added values to Congress. The event also brought all stakeholders together, including growers, agronomists, retailers, policymakers, and corporates to share, learn, collaborate and grow the BioAg space.

It was well-balanced to facilitate result-oriented networking and knowledge sharing on current industry trends, business issues, innovation updates, leadership insights, interactive panels on burning issues and deep insight into the regulatory landscape.

BAW Congress is a wholistic BioAg industry event that includes all segments of sustainable smart farming, biofertilizers, biostimulants, biopesticides and all related technologies such as precision ag tech.

BAW Congress uniquely recognizes three important stakeholders of our industry for their tireless pursuits with five awards: BioAgTech Sustainable Grower, BioAg Tech Exceptional Business Leader and BioAg Tech pioneering Innovation.

The BioAgTech Sustainable Grower Award sponsored by Corteva AgriSciences was granted to Kernel for their continuous commitment to sustainability and the use of BioAgTech inputs. Kernel’s adoption of BioAgTech practices has been instrumental in scaling up sustainable farming across its vast 363,000 hectares of land, influencing countless other farms through its technology-sharing platform. The BioAgTech Exceptional Business Leader Award was presented to CEO of Hello Nature, Luca Bonini, for his remarkable accomplishments and inspirational business stewardship. Lastly, the three innovations which won the BioAgTech Pioneering Innovation Award sponsored by Veganic Nature were presented to Harpe Bio for their pioneering and innovative natural biological weed control solutions, with DPH Biologicals as the first runner up and Indigo Ag as the second runner up. We congratulate each of our 2024 award winners and celebrate their remarkable achievements in advancing sustainable agriculture and integrated crop solutions.

These awards aim to not only recognize the efforts put in, but also to inspire the existing and new workforce entering the industry.

To round off each day of enriching sessions and lively networking, the 2024 BAW Congress hosted three receptions, each serving as a focal point for industry professionals to unwind, connect and celebrate.

The Welcome Reception, sponsored by Verdesian, set the tone for the congress, providing attendees with a warm introduction to the event, entertainment from a comedian/mentalist and an opportunity to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Networking Reception, sponsored by Research Triangle Regional Partnership, facilitated meaningful connections and collaborations, allowing participants to exchange ideas and form valuable partnerships while listening to some good ole bluegrass, a North Carolina staple.

Finally, the Appreciation Reception, sponsored by Veganic Nature, honored the contributions of all attendees and sponsors, expressing gratitude for their dedication to advancing the BioAgTech industry. Additionally, on the final night of the congress, a Gala Dinner served as a grand finale to the event, offering a memorable evening of fine dining and line dancing to global music.

The BAW Congress is truly a ‘by the BioAg industry, for the BioAg industry’ event and not be missed by any BioAg industry member.

We are excited to announce that the 2025 edition of BAW Congress will be set against the backdrop of India. Showcasing their status as a global leader in crop and commodity production, including milk, wheat and rice in the capital city of New Delhi.  Reach out to the BAW Congress team at [email protected] for more information and to reserve your spot for the sixth BAW Congress in New Delhi, India from April 22-26, 2025.