Biosphera Strengthens Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability in Agriculture

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Biosphera’s participation in the country’s major agricultural events underscores its dedication to innovation and sustainability within the agricultural sector. Founded in April 2020, Biosphera emerged from the collaboration of professionals with over 20 years of market experience, offering a unique management approach and high-tech biological solutions designed to enhance productivity and promote plant health.

According to Cesar Eduardo Kersting, the company’s commercial director, Biosphera has focused on establishing a strong presence in Brazil since its inception, particularly in the state of Goiás. He emphasizes that Tecnoshow Comigo is a key event that facilitates the direct presentation of new technologies to their target audience. “Goiás is crucial to the company’s growth and revenue, and our participation in Tecnoshow is essential to our expansion strategy.”

To better accommodate its customers and match the company’s rapid growth, Biosphera has expanded its stand. The company now serves over 1,000 customers, both directly and indirectly, including research institutions.

Emphasis on Biological Solutions

Biosphera is a prominent player in the grains sector across Brazil, known for its commitment to producing biological inputs. Despite challenges in the agricultural sector, the company remains committed to a medium to long-term strategy, investing in research and development to offer innovative solutions and anticipate market needs.

With more than 40 registrations with the Ministry of Agriculture, Biosphera provides a broad range of technologies tailored to the specific requirements of different crops and regions. Their products, which utilize nitrogen-fixing and growth-promoting microorganisms, are essential for creating more sustainable and productive agricultural practices.

Biosphera’s technology integrates activities focused on bio-fertility, bio-balance, and bio-reinforcement, contributing significantly to sustainable agriculture.


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