DPH Biologicals Unveils Prime™ Platform to Enhance Plant Growth and Resilience

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DPH Biologicals, a leading developer and supplier in the agricultural biologicals sector, has recently announced the launch of its innovative Prime™ platform. This cutting-edge platform utilizes a patented production process specifically designed for Bacillus spp., a prominent plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium. The technology behind Prime™ significantly accelerates the germination of bacterial spores, a crucial step in the early stages of plant development.

By enhancing the germination process, the Prime™ platform supports overall plant growth and health, providing crops with a robust start. Additionally, this advanced platform offers substantial benefits in terms of environmental resilience. Crops treated with Bacillus spp. via the Prime™ platform exhibit increased consistency and durability when facing environmental stressors such as heat, drought, and soils with high alkalinity or salinity.

This breakthrough in agricultural biologicals not only boosts plant development from the outset but also ensures that crops maintain their vigor and productivity under adverse conditions. Consequently, farmers can achieve more reliable yields and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices.


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