Futureco Bioscience Introduces Innovative Microbial Bionematicide Technology

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Futureco Bioscience, a Spanish biotechnological company specializing in researching, developing, and manufacturing biological products, has been granted a new patent (EP 3934428 B1) from the European Patent Office for a groundbreaking microbial bionematicide technology. This patent underscores Futureco Bioscience’s dedication to research and innovation, highlighting its significant role in advancing the biocontrol manufacturing industry.

This patent recognizes the innovative strain B410 of Metabacillus halosaccharovorans, which was isolated from organic farming soil in Almería, Spain. This strain possesses potent nematicide properties. Additionally, its mesophilic, neutrophilic, and halotolerant characteristics, coupled with its robust biofilm production, make it particularly valuable in agriculture, especially in arid regions and saline environments.

While studies are ongoing, preliminary results indicate that this strain notably inhibits the hatching of nematode eggs. Its effectiveness is particularly evident against root-knot nematodes (RKN) such as Meloidogyne incognita, M. javanica, M. arenaria, and M. hapla, as well as potato cyst nematodes (PCN) like Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida.

The first formulation of the active ingredient has been designed as an Oil Dispersion (OD), ensuring a finely stable dispersion of the active ingredient in a water-immiscible solvent. The formulation has been obtained through a scalable manufacturing approach using state-of-the-art liquid fermentation technology, designed to maintain a high concentration of the active microorganism, allowing levels in the range of 10^9 CFU/mL to be achieved.

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