MITÖ: Kimitec’s new natural miticide for the biological control of mites

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Kimitec celebrates an unprecedented achievement of their first botanical miticide just been registered in Mexico. This milestone represents a major step in their commitment to a zero-residue, zero-waste future, promoting a fully circular agri-food system aligned with both large-scale distribution demands and consumer preferences.

MITÖ is a broad-spectrum solution that effectively controls over 80% of mobile mite stages within just three hours of application, significantly reducing pest damage by up to 90%. Its rapid knock-down effect upon contact, noticeable within just 24 hours, is complemented by anti-feeding and anti-oviposition actions, ensuring exceptional control over all mite families, including two-spotted mites (Tetranychus urticae), European red mites, citrus red mites, avocado brown mites, and persea mites, among others.

These pest mites cause significant damage to a wide variety of crops because of their phytophagous habits, feeding directly on plant sap. They are widespread across the globe and have a remarkable reproductive capacity. Their infestation weakens the plants, potentially leading to their death. Furthermore, their tiny size complicates early detection, adding to the challenge of preventive control efforts.

Among the damages caused by pest mites on crops, leaf discoloration affecting photosynthesis, excessive transpiration, reduced plant growth, yellowing of leaves, and necrosis are major. These issues may result in significant yield losses if damage surpasses 30% of the leaf surface and may lead to total loss. They also cause aesthetic damage, such as cobweb formation on leaves, and direct damage to fruits, such as eryophid mites affecting citrus fruits and tomatoes, or brevipalpus affecting grapes.

Conventional chemical methods for controlling these pests pose several problems, including resistance in target pests, chemical residues in food, negative impacts on soil quality and the environment, adverse effects on human health, and additional economic costs.

A natural and effective solution against pest mites

MITÖ can be seamlessly applied during harvest and is suitable for various crops, including berries, vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants, and row crops.

Camilo Chacon, Biopesticide Global Portfolio Manager at Kimitec, states: “MITÖ is our natural and effective solution against plant feeding mites. It guarantees control of emerging populations throughout the crop cycle and at harvest time. MITÖ is also compatible with other solutions, reducing the need for chemical miticides by more than 30%.”

In vitro tests with MITÖ demonstrate higher contact mortality in adults compared to the competition. Additionally, MITÖ shows a higher percentage of establishment inhibition and oviposition inhibition than other miticides on the market.

MITÖ’s mode of action

Direct contact with MITÖ causes mite mortality through two mechanisms: asphyxiation due to the blockage of the insect’s respiratory system and dehydration caused by the disruption of cell walls in insect cuticles.

Kimitec’s natural miticide also affects the behavior of pest mites in two significant ways. First, it has an anti-feeding effect that minimizes crop damage. Second, it reduces oviposition, which slows population growth. Additionally, its repellent effect prevents the establishment of new mite infestations.

Alberto González, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer at Kimitec, comments: ” Our broad-spectrum natural miticide proves highly effective in controlling pest mites, while reducing production losses, and improving fruit quality.”

MITÖ’s formulation

The formulation of MITÖ ensures persistence for one to two weeks and allows for unlimited applications without requiring a pre-harvest or re-entry interval. It also minimizes the risk of resistance development and leaves no residues on fruits, thus guaranteeing healthier crops.

Kimitec’s natural miticide is effective against all types of pest mites in major crops.  Formulated with botanical extracts, it incorporates specific adjuvants that enhance its penetrability, persistence, and spray efficiency, guaranteeing natural and efficient crop protection.

MITÖ is respectful of auxiliary fauna, easy to use without adjuvants or oils, and safe to apply, while promoting effective integrated pest management. Unlike chemical molecules, which directly interfere with the metabolism of insects and mites, leading to frequent mutations and resistance, botanical insecticides and miticides pose a lower risk of resistance development. Because their mode of action targets the basic systems of insects or mites, leading to their suffocation by blocking the spiracles and causing dehydration by altering their cuticle.

Furthermore, it is easy to use and requires no adjuvants or oils for application. It can be applied across a wide pH range and various water hardness levels.

4Health+1 technology for the development of natural solutions for crops

This innovative biomiticide is developed at Kimitec’s MAAVi Innovation Center—Europe’s largest biotechnology innovation hub focused on natural compounds.

Kimitec’s MAAVi Innovation Center employs a distinctive research methodology known as 4Health+1. This model integrates five key areas: botany, microbiology, microalgae, bioinformatics, and byproduct upcycling. The research conducted at MAAVi is driven by a computational platform called LINNA.

Alejandro de las Casas, International CEO at Kimitec, states: “Since 2015, we have been focused on developing sustainable alternatives to synthetic chemicals. With the registration of MITÖ in Mexico, we’re taking a significant step towards creating a healthier, more environmentally friendly agri-food system”.

Kimitec’s MAAVi INNOVATION CENTER’s Formulations are as Effective as Synthetic Chemicals

Kimitec is a global biotechnology leader specializing in disruptive innovation within the agri-food industry. Kimitec’s MAAVi Innovation Center develops and formulates biopesticides that are as effective as synthetic chemicals. The R&D&I team meticulously searches for the best natural active ingredients and employs advanced technology to optimize the biotechnological processes used for their extraction. By leveraging synergies from natural sources, they enhance the complexity of the primary active ingredients, thereby improving the effectiveness of biopesticides and reducing the risk of resistance. Furthermore, they incorporate green chemistry techniques into their formulations to extend control duration, improve coverage, and optimize the misting effect in aerosol applications.



MITÖ is currently available in Mexico and will expand to additional markets over the next two years, including Brazil, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and the United States. This expansion aims to provide farmers with access to natural and highly effective tools. To know more, scan the code!