Greencorp® Group: Pioneering biological and botanical solutions worldwide since 2006

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Greencorp® Group, a true BioAg community pioneer, makes new and effective products to fight diseases caused by viruses in fruits and vegetables in major crops like papaya, grapes, bananas, and many others. 

The company also offers solutions for another important disease, the main menace affecting citrus crops such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits and mandarin productions: HLB (huánglóngbìng or Citrus greening), a problem caused by the bacteria Candidatus liberibacter 

The unique design of highly effective formulations such as VIRABLOCK 3G50®, FITOPLAZMIX (Botanicals) and BIOAMYLAZ (Microbial) allow the plants to continue their growth and development rate up to a quasi-normality to continue their production levels close to the regular expected crop yield and quality potential.   

Plant virus disease  

VIRABLOCK 3G50® is a broad-spectrum biostimulant and plant resistance inducer efficient for the prevention, control, and management of the most common and devastating plant virus diseases of economic importance in agriculture.  

The complex birational formula of natural ingredients to fight plant viruses. This mix includes essential plant nutrients, various beneficial chemicals plants produce (primary and secondary metabolites), plant hormones, vitamins, and organic acids. These ingredients work together to disrupt how viruses move within plant cells and tissues, both over short distances and long distances.  

It also reduces the virus particle replication rates by silencing the virus RNA (Ribonucleic Acid), thus decreasing the incidence and severity of the disease, to more than 70%. A main effect is related to the recovery of the photosynthetic and respiratory and transpiration systems, as well as inducing the formation and differentiation of conductive cells and tissues that maintains the crop yield and quality. 

HLB (huánglóngbìng or citrus greening) 

FITOPLAZMIX (a plant resistance inducer) contains plant extracts, minerals and organic acids. These provide the plant with nutrients, and metabolites to keep plant growth rates and production. It also reduces the bacterial counts by a third in the affected tissue.  

On the other hand, BIOAMYLAZ (a Microbial formulation) decreases the starch content that clogs the conductive tissues causing the plant disease syndrome that alters the carbohydrate metabolism and plant root formation and volume therefore severely affecting plant growth development, yield and quality leading to the death of the trees.  

The application of these couple of products have shown great performance by recovering the canopy of affected trees and keeping the fruit and juice production close to regular expected yields and quality. Application of plant root promoters like RAIZINN BIOL and RIZOFLEXX ensures the formation and growth recovery of functional and healthy roots conducting the plant to sustain and increase fruit production. 

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