Revolutionizing Agriculture: Syngenta and Intrinsyx Bio Join Forces to Enhance Crop Nutrient Efficiency

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In an ambitious move to redefine sustainable agriculture, Syngenta Biologicals has partnered with Silicon Valley’s biotech innovator, Intrinsyx Bio, to unveil a revolutionary biological solution for enhancing crop nutrient use efficiency. This collaboration opens the door for farmers worldwide to access Intrinsyx Bio’s groundbreaking endophyte formulations—tiny but mighty microorganisms that colonize plant tissues to naturally fix atmospheric nitrogen and enhance the uptake of crucial nutrients like phosphorus and micronutrients. By integrating these advanced formulations as seed treatments and foliar applications, farmers can reduce their dependency on synthetic fertilizers, tailor their nutrient management strategies, and minimize environmental impact. This partnership underscores Syngenta’s and Intrinsyx Bio’s dedication to pioneering agricultural innovations that ensure robust crop yields, healthier soils, and a sustainable future for farming.

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