Unleashing the power of OROWET® Technology: advanced surfactants and natural extracts revolutionising agricultural spraying results

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In the realm of agricultural innovation, OROWET® technology stands out as a groundbreaking advancement, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of pesticide and nutrient delivery systems. This breakthrough utilizes the power of advanced surfactant chemistry and natural extracts, revolutionizing the delivery and absorption of active ingredients. Here’s how OROWET® works and why it represents a significant leap forward for sustainable agriculture. The Science Behind OROWET® Technology

Advanced Surfactants and Micelle Formation
OROWET® technology is built on the foundation of advanced surfactants, which have a distinct molecular structure featuring hydrophobic tails that repel water and hydrophilic heads that attract it. When these surfactants are combined with water, they form micelles—spherical structures that encapsulate lipophilic substances like certain pesticides and natural extracts. This micelle formation is essential for protecting these substances from degradation and ensuring their uniform distribution in a spray solution.

Incorporation of Natural Extracts
OROWET® technology also integrates natural extracts known for their effectiveness and environmental benefits. These extracts are selected for their ability to improve the penetration and efficiency of active ingredients, helping them reach their intended targets more effectively.

Addressing Agricultural Spraying Challenges
A major issue in agricultural spraying is the effective delivery and absorption of active ingredients by plants or pests. Many active ingredients are lipophilic and do not mix well with water, which can lead to evaporation or degradation before reaching their targets.

OROWET® Solution: Micelle Encapsulation
OROWET® technology tackles these challenges with micelle encapsulation. Micelles protect active ingredients from evaporation and degradation, ensuring even distribution and efficient delivery in water-based sprays.

Mechanism of Action

  • Micro-Droplet Formation: When mixed with water, OROWET® formulations create micelles that encapsulate active ingredients and natural extracts, resulting in uniformly suspended micro-droplets. This guarantees even application over the target area.
  • Adherence and Release: Upon contact with lipid-containing structures on plants or pests, the hydrophobic parts of the micelles adhere to these surfaces, causing the micelles to break open and release the active ingredients and natural extracts directly onto the target.
  • Enhanced Penetration: The released substances merge with biological surfaces, changing the crystal-like lipid structures to a more amorphous form, which enhances the penetration of active ingredients into the pest’s protective layers or the plant’s cuticle.
  • Selective Penetration: OROWET® formulations are designed to avoid damaging the underlying cell membranes of plants, balancing efficacy and safety.

Benefits of OROWET® Technology

  • Increased Efficacy of Pesticides: By enhancing the penetration of pesticides, OROWET® ensures that active ingredients reach their targets more effectively, leading to improved pest control.
  • Reduction in Volatility: Encapsulation within micelles protects active ingredients from evaporating quickly, ensuring more effective delivery to the target.
  • Uniform Application: The formation of micro-droplets ensures even distribution of the spray, reducing the chances of under- or over-application in different areas.
  • Sustainability: Utilizing advanced surfactant chemistry and natural extracts aligns with sustainable agricultural practices, reducing reliance on excessive amounts of synthetic chemicals.
  • Safety: Carefully formulated to avoid harming plant cells, OROWET® offers a safer alternative for crop protection and nutrient delivery.


OROWET® technology exemplifies how innovative solutions can enhance agricultural practices by improving the delivery and efficacy of active ingredients. By combining advanced surfactants with natural extracts, OROWET® transforms traditional spraying methods into a highly effective and environmentally friendly approach. For farmers and agricultural professionals seeking to enhance their crop protection strategies, OROWET® technology provides an effective and sustainable cutting-edge tool