Author: Dr. Jose Carvalho

  • EU Plant Protection: Biocontrol in SUR

    EU Plant Protection: Biocontrol in SUR

    The proposal for revision of the Sustainable Uses Regulation did not make it through the European Parliament. In a surprising last-minute move by legislation supporters, the Greens and some of the left-leaning parties also rejected the final proposal after multiple amendments. The plenary discussion led to xtensive amendments that supporters, such as the Greens, ended…

  • Beyond BioAg Regulatory Headlines

    Beyond BioAg Regulatory Headlines

    May-June Biostimulants have seen a remarkable interest spike in the past two years, particularly the ones that could reduce the amount of micronutrients’ inputs into soil and crops. The soaring prices of NPK fertilizers and other fertilizing materials have been a key driver for microorganism-based biostimulants that could improve the absorption of micronutrients by the…