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  • Pam’s Refelction: Back to Basics

    Pam’s Refelction: Back to Basics

    May-Jun At the June Biological Summit in Salinas, California, The Mixing Bowl revealed a map of the universe of biologicals companies. Though the map has 1200 companies but is not complete, as it is already very crowded and more could not be added. Many companies operate in multiple categories, increasing the complexity.Clearly the industry is…

  • Beyond BioAg Regulatory Headlines

    Beyond BioAg Regulatory Headlines

    May-June Biostimulants have seen a remarkable interest spike in the past two years, particularly the ones that could reduce the amount of micronutrients’ inputs into soil and crops. The soaring prices of NPK fertilizers and other fertilizing materials have been a key driver for microorganism-based biostimulants that could improve the absorption of micronutrients by the…

  • Bio-Agriculture: A Sustainable Solution to Global Food Challenge

    Bio-Agriculture: A Sustainable Solution to Global Food Challenge

    Courtesy: AgFunder “There is a need to revisit the concept of mother nature to respect natural resources and use them judiciously while utilizing precision and agtech to obtain maximum output. Agriculture today has to be sustainable, efficient, farmer-centric, satisfactory to consumers, and environmentally friendly; bio-ag, precision ag, agtech, and biotech all have to go hand…