Vestaron Corporation Earns European Bee Award for Technological Solutions Addressing the Impact of Farming Operations on Pollinators

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The recognition of its ten-year milestone, the European Bee Award gathered various projects and initiatives dedicated to safeguarding pollinators and bees. Inaugurated in 2014 by the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) and the European Agricultural Industry Association (CEMA), the award aims to commend inventive, effective, and scalable projects that protect bees and pollinators. This initiative underscores the significance of ongoing innovation and research endeavors in ensuring the well-being of their crucial ecosystems.

In the category of ‘Innovative and technological solutions,’ Vestaron’s SPEAR® Bioinsecticide emerges as the winner. SPEAR® represents a groundbreaking peptide bioinsecticide, meticulously crafted to target a class of peptides capable of effectively eliminating insect and mite pests while ensuring safety for humans, birds, fish, pollinators, and the environment. Vestaron has devised a proprietary platform for optimizing peptides and employing fermentation-based production, enabling the creation of a diverse range of peptide-based solutions to address challenges in crop protection.

Vestaron expresses its gratitude for being honored with the European Bee Award in recognition of its technological solutions aimed at minimizing the impact of farming operations on pollinators. The company is enthusiastic about introducing innovative solutions to the market, contributing to enhanced sustainability in farming for the benefit of farms, farmers, food production, and the environment. Leveraging peptide technology inspired by nature, Vestaron’s products offer insect control comparable to conventional synthetic pesticides while maintaining the safety profile of biological alternatives.

Notably, products like the SPEAR® bioinsecticide play a crucial role in promoting sustainable farming practices, safeguarding bees, and supporting other beneficial insects. Vestaron extends its appreciation to the European Landowners’​ Organization for acknowledging their efforts through this award. The company also expresses gratitude to all applicants for their dedication to the protection of bees and other essential pollinators.