SAGROPIA: Advancing Sustainable Crop Protection in EU’s Horizon Europe Project

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The Horizon Europe project SAGROPIA has successfully launched, marking the beginning of a promising five-year collaborative approach to research and innovation in sustainable crop protection. With a budget of €6 million, SAGROPIA, that counts with Rovensa Next in its consortium of 10 partners, aims to reduce chemical pesticide use by 50% in potato and sugar beet cultivation.
Focusing on biocontrol methods for combatting plant pests and diseases, it aligns with the objectives for sustainable farming systems and inclusive, healthy food systems. The project strives for climate-neutral, resilient farming, providing safe, and sustainable solutions while minimizing ecosystem pressure and promoting biodiversity. In addition, it will contribute to climate mitigation, supporting Sustainable Developmental Goals by fostering inclusive and healthy food systems.
The EU Farm to Fork strategy prioritizes food security and safety, aiming to reduce reliance on chemical pesticides due to environmental and health concerns. EU Institutions seek to replace identified CfS in EC Regulation No. 1107/2009, while maintaining high agricultural yields amidst climate change and pest risks. The agrifood industry is actively exploring alternative approaches and seeking innovative solutions to replace the identified CfS and address the complex issues surrounding pesticide use.
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