Driving Innovation: Embracing the European Commission’s Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative

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Rovensa Next, committed to shaping a sustainable future for agriculture, has announced its partnership with the Biocontrol Coalition. This collaboration aims to support farmers in their green transition by advocating for reevaluating of the European Union’s regulatory framework on biocontrol. The goal is to provide farmers with a greater number of effective tools to manage pests and diseases, including those exacerbated by climate change, thereby safeguarding crops across Europe.

The lack of a Single Market for biocontrol products in the European Union leaves farmers at a significant disadvantage. Recognizing this issue, the Biocontrol Coalition has been formed as a multistakeholder platform to address the challenges posed by the EU regulatory framework for plant protection. This initiative aims to foster dialogue and propose innovative solutions to promote biocontrol innovation and integrated pest management (IPM) tools throughout Europe.

Over the past decade, only five to six new biocontrol active ingredients have been placed on the European market annually. Moreover, the lengthy approval processes in Europe, which can take eight to ten years, significantly impede the introduction of new products. As a result, European farmers face a competitive disadvantage compared to their counterparts in other regions where approval processes are more streamlined.

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