Expanded Crop and Disease Uses Approval for ProBlad® Verde Fungicide

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Sym-Agro has announced that the California CDPR has approved the expanded crop and disease uses of ProBlad® Verde fungicide. As a result of this approval, ProBlad is now registered for use on Blueberries and Caneberries for the management of disease. This label expansion increases the range of California commercial crops including grapes, almonds, strawberries, tomatoes, and stone fruit.

ProBlad® Verde is an innovative new organic biocontrol that leverages the naturally occurring BLAD polypeptide for a never-before-seen-before, multi-site mode of action that controls fungal & bacterial diseases. What makes ProBlad® Verde unique is that unlike other biochemical fungicides it quickly absorbs into treated plant tissue providing translaminar activity offering both preventative and curative activity towards disease. The result is up to 7 days of reach back activity and up to 14 days of disease prevention. The result is quick, reliable disease control that meets or exceeds established standards. When applied close to harvest this protection helps fruit resist fungal attack during shipping and storage.

ProBlad® Verde is FRAC “BM01” fungicide with strong multi-site activity and MRL exempt, helping high value export crop growers meet increasingly stringent standards.

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