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Hello folks,
This first quarter of 2024 has been very busy and exciting at the same time. BAW Congress 2024 is round the corner and we have put everything in to make it a good show and fulfilling for the BioAg Community. I’m thrilled looking at last 4 Congresses that we have organised and how far have we come. Thanks to our mentors, industry friends and colleagues for their support and making the Congress really a “by the industry for the industry” event. This year BAW Congress 2024 will again be a rich information sharing and great connection building platform. I am sure we’ll see some great business deals happening because of the congress networking.
As you know, BAW Congress is a non-static event and we move across continents each year to give regional focus to this global event. North Carolina is the most appropriate choice for the upcoming BAW Congress. It is a place where agricultural tradition and 21st century science meet to create unmatched research and business opportunities. The state houses 195+ agtech companies, two land grant universities, and 18 research stations and has a $92.9 Billion agricultural economy. There could not have been a better place to host BAW Congress 2024.
BAW Congress 2024 is being organized in cooperation with North Carolina State University – NC Plant Sciences Initiative and North Carolina Biotechnology Centre and Research Triangle Regional Partnership as the Regional Economic Development Sponsor. Formerly known as the BioAg World Congress, we decided to upgrade the title to the BioAgTech World Congress to recognize the importance of technology in agriculture and the way it is revolutionizing the industry. This also recognizes the fact that it is impossible to have sustainable agriculture without the application of AgTech to increase precision and efficiency.
In last couple of months, I have been travelling to countries, meeting senior leaders in the industry, understanding their challenges and opportunities, brainstorming on developing the industries and making it farmer centric. I want to create a community which works towards a
larger goal or making agriculture sustainable and profitable while providing sufficient food. This travel series “Tenacious Roger’s Timeless Pursuit” is one more way for me to support our BioAg Community. Do let me know if there is a specific company you want me to visit and what you want to know about them.
North America is witnessing a great momentum building up for biologicals and had approx. 33% share of global biologicals market. North American market provides a great opportunity for companies and has always been an interesting space for international companies to get into. BioAg has been gaining prominence due to its focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Moreover, North America is the hub for innovators and investors and with the BAW Congress coming to the USA, North American BioAg will hopefully witness the start of new long-term relationships.
Winter 2024 BioAg World Digest is complementing BAW Congress 2024 coming to the USA. In this issue we have tried to discuss different aspects of BioAg from North American aspect. Also, I want to highlight BTU Centre’s (now BTU Biotech Company) completing 25 years. Their success is built on their sound technical knowledge and rich experience in the industry. The issue talks in detail about their journey along with the interview of Vladyslav Bolokhovskyi and Valentyna Bolokhovska. Along with Valentyna, this issue brings you the interview another women leader Alice Toderi from Hello Nature.
We have also made an attempt to look at different aspects of BioAg with North American filter. North America, especially the USA is a lucrative market and offers vast opportunity and with ongoing regulatory developments will continue to attract companies. Let’s explore the scope and learn more about the opportunities and challenges this unique market offers in BAW Congress 2024.

See you soon in Raleigh!