Futureco Bioscience obtains European Patent for new microbial bionematicide

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Futureco Bioscience, a leading Spanish biotechnological company, has reached a significant milestone in the realm of sustainable agriculture with the recent acquisition of a European Patent for their groundbreaking microbial bionematicide technology. This innovation, centered around the potent nematicide activity of strain B410 of Metabacillus halosaccharovorans, holds immense promise in combating nematodes, one of agriculture’s most notorious adversaries. Preliminary studies conducted in diverse settings, including growth chambers, greenhouses, and fields, have demonstrated the high efficacy of this technology against several economically significant nematode species. With global annual losses due to nematodes estimated at a staggering $157 billion, Futureco Bioscience’s patented achievement marks a significant leap forward in sustainable nematode management.

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